All you need to know about internal folding, sliding doors

Essentially folding sliding doors are multiple doors hinged together with hardware that is fitted to ensure they fold safely and correctly.

Let us look at that in more detail.


Freedom® Folding, Sliding Doors create larger social spaces

Folding sliding doors allow two rooms to be opened creating a larger space ideal for entertaining. This is ideal for joining kitchen and dining areas and lounge and dining areas.

When the folding sliding doors are closed the rooms return to being separate spaces. Ideal for when you need peace and quiet.

This unique style of door has proven popular with homeowners looking to add some much needed space to their interior.

Folding, sliding doors are also easy to install, if you have a non load-bearing stud wall then you just create the opening size you require. You then decide which way you want the doors to fold. If the wall is load bearing, then you can still install the doors, but this will require the installation of a lintel or steel beam. On the other hand, if you already have a large open space between two rooms, and you want like to install a folding, sliding door into it, then the process is simple and straightforward just select the right size for your opening and then choose the design and finish that suits you best.

Folding, sliding doors come in many different sizes allowing you to create the solution for your space. Either 3 door or 4 door designs in multiple sizes enables you to fit into the space you need. The doors are universal enabling you to decide which way you wish them to fold, left or right, this allows you to have the doors fold into the room that gives you the best use of the space created.

Sizes Available: Metric

Heights = 2070mm & 2088mm

Widths = 1684, 1804, 1915, 2143, 2219, 2380, 2526, 2830mm

Sizes Available: Imperial

Heights = 81.50 & 82.20 Inches

Widths = 66.30, 71.0, 75.40, 84.40, 87.40, 84.40, 93.70, 99.50, 111.40 Inches

Freedom® Internal Folding, Sliding Doors come in a variety of finishes

Starting with a primed white finish which allows you to either complete the white look or select a final coat that matches your existing or chosen colour scheme.

You can also choose an unfinished Oak which allows you to stain the door to the exact tone you want, traditionally a light, medium or dark finish but the reality is you can create the look you desire from the large range of stain and varnishes available.

However, if you want a complete solution then we offer a Fully Factory Finished Oak option which just needs installing. No Painting, staining and a factory applied finish that is hard to match.

Freedom® Folding, Sliding Doors are a feature for your home

Folding, sliding doors add a cool function to your home, creating that social space or separating rooms for quiet and privacy. They have a smooth function and look fantastic when installed. A lot cooler than a plain wall!

Folding, Sliding doors give your home an extra flexibility to the living space allowing you to have open social spaces for entertaining, parties and family get gatherings but also enabling you to close the spaces when quiet time and privacy is required. Modern flexible living at it’s heart!

The doors need tracks to ensure stability, safety and to allow a smooth action to the doors folding.

Within the track is a roller guide that carries the weight of the doors, in the case of the Top Hung systems (Ideal and Elegant) this is the entire weight. With the Classic this is distributed somewhat between the Top and Bottom tracks.

The pivot pin that attaches to the roller allows for the system to fold and slide smoothly.

The system is designed to make this process work smoothly and effortlessly.

Top-Hung Or Bottom-Running Tracks?

Tracks for folding, sliding doors come in two different configurations they can hang from a track that is built into the frame at the top, or they can be carried by a track that is built into the floor, normally within a threshold.

The top hung system allows for the flooring to flow through from one room to the next, creating a seamless opening when the doors are folded back. Our Ideal and Elegant Ranges feature top hung tracks.

The bottom run system allows for a break between rooms, ideal when you have two different flooring solutions such as tiles in the kitchen and wood or carpet in the dining area. It also gives additional stability with the doors anchored at the top and the bottom. This ensures a smoother folding action. Our Classic range features a bottom run system.

You need to decide which system best suits your home and your budget.

What types of internal folding doors are there?

There are two styles, 1 Lite and 4 Lite, available in 3 Finishes. White Primed ready for final finish to the colour of your choice. Oak Unfinished allowing you to stain or varnish to match existing doors or furniture. Oak fully finished for a complete solution.

What are the panels made from?

Interior folding, sliding doors are made from several materials, aluminium, PVC and of course the most common, wood. Wooden panels are made from engineered timber for stability and utilising veneer to give a perfect finish.

How many panels do I need?

The number of panels is often dictated by the amount of space you have to install the system. There are multiple width options for both 3 panel and 4 panel systems which are the most common.

Sizes Available: Metric

Heights = 2070mm & 2088 mm

Widths = 1684, 1804, 1915, 2143, 2219, 2380, 2526, 2830 mm

Sizes Available: Imperial

Heights = 81.50 & 82.20 Inches

Widths = 66.30, 71.0, 75.40, 84.40, 87.40, 84.40, 93.70, 99.50, 111.40 Inches

Can I have glass in the doors?

Most internal folding, sliding doors come with glass panels installed. This allows natural light to pass between one room and another this helps to create the illusion of space even when the doors are closed. You have the option of full glass or multiple glass panels depending on how much light you want and where the doors are being installed. You also have the option of using frosted glass, allowing light through but privacy also when desired.

What else do I need?

The only hardware that does not come with the system are the handles, now there are thousands of options out there from traditional brass to polished chrome and from brushed steel to matt black. This enables you, where necessary to match existing handles in your home. We offer the most popular designs if you do not have the need to match existing.

What next?

Explore our website and we hope you find the system that suits your home, good luck and have fun!