Internal Doors

Also called interior doors, we are referring to room doors rather than cabinet doors. There are a variety types of door starting with how they are made.

Hollow Doors

Also known as flush doors or Molded doors. Essentially the door is a low-cost solution to those working to a budget. The door is made up from a basic frame made from timber, which is then filled with honeycomb paper and then covered with two faces of plywood, MDF or hardboard effectively creating a sandwich. The doors are then veneered with wood, paper foil or painted.

Solid Wooden Doors

These are made using solid wooden components and solid panels. With the decline in sustainable, legal sources of timber around the world these have become far less common in the last 20 years. The image below shows how the door(s) are formed and the common names for the various components used.

Engineered Wooden Doors

This is where engineered components are used in conjunction with particle board, mdf and wood veneers to create the appearance of a solid door but at a much more competitive cost. Using modern adhesives in fact engineered doors are more stable and durable than solid wood doors in most cases. This also gives the opportunity to greatly increase the choice of finishes. A wide variety of veneers, foils and paints creates a wide choice for your home.

Doors are supplied unfinished ready to be stained, painted or varnished. They can also be finished using the right type of oil and or wax.