When it comes to updating an Edwardian home, keeping the period features while injecting your own flare and character can feel overwhelming. A popular style for house hunters and homeowners alike owing to its grand yet homely feel, where do you begin when it comes to decorating? Read on for our best tips.


The Edwardians, like their predecessors the Victorians, loved the natural world. As a result, Edwardian homes used light, neutral paint to accentuate the natural light of their homes. When it came to wallpaper, motifs mirroring nature were very popular. Look no further than William Morris. 

If you are opting for something more dramatic, try dark colours for a gothic feel. Not only will this add character and depth, but also highlight original period features like picture rails. 


Edwardian homes typically used panelled wood doors traditionally made of oak, though pine was also sometimes used. While the majority of doors were plain, the Edwardians loved the detail, and many doors featured panels of windows, some of which were made with stained glass. This style is perfect for smaller homes, allowing the spaces to flow into each other. 

Doors At Home has a range of Edwardian style doors, with both plain panels and glass. For more information, read our blog on Door Decor for Edwardian Houses.

Shaker Edwardian Four Panel Solid White Primed Glazed Door

Carpet Runners

Make a statement in the hallway of your home with a carpet runner. Edwardian homes featured multiple patterns, often on top of each other. Find a dark, pattern carpet runner that contrasts with the neutral tones to send up the stairs, using gold or brass stair rods to add an element of authenticity. 

Use the Space

Fireplaces were the feature of many Edwardian rooms. Make the most of the alcoves on either side of central fireplaces by turning them into bookshelves, wardrobes or even quirky reading nooks and minibars. The Edwardian era saw the rise of the art and craft movement, so why not dedicate a corner of your home to your current fascination?

Decorative Touches

As we mentioned above, the Edwardians loved nature. Throughout the Edwardian and Victorian eras, many people became amateur naturalists and this craze made its way into the home. Decorate alcoves and walls with frames of pressed flowers and anatomical drawings of creatures. Alternatively, hang plants from ceilings and shelves, and around the floor in elaborate decorative pots.