When decorating your home, it is likely that you will be wanting to make it as effortless as possible.

We can assist you with this, as our range of primed doors can help you to achieve a high quality finish, with very little effort.

Why should I buy a primed door?

There are a few reasons why you should choose a primed door for each room in the home.

  • A primed door is ready to paint straight away, with no remedial work needed
  • Our primed doors are set at a very attractive price, leaving you more money to spend in other areas of your renovations
  • You will save hours of time by not needing to prepare your primed door for painting

Shaker 4 Panel White Primed Door

With a quintessential minimalist design, this primed door is modern and stylish. It can be painted in a colour to suit the rest of your room décor, or finish with a lovely fresh white top coat.

Shaker 4 Panel White Primed Glazed Door

Offering any room clean lines and a modern touch, this primed door has a simple design with no profiles. The door is ready to be painted however you wish, or not at all if that’s your preference, with glazing that lets in plenty of light.

Shaker Edwardian 4 Panel Solid White Primed Glazed Door

No profiles, simple lines and a modern touch on the classic Edwardian design. Perfect for anyone updating Edwardian homes and keeping original features. 

Shaker 2 Panel Solid White Primed Glazed Door

Elegant, minimalist and modern. The two panelled glazed door, from our new range of white primed products, is ideal for separating rooms while adding a sense of fluidity throughout the home. Decorate in your own style or leave just as it is. 

High Quality Designs

Before we deliver your new door, each one is quality checked to ensure that it is perfect and ready to install. There are several things that each door will have as standard;

  • High quality pine core construction providing stability for any hardware
  • There is a tested engineered core construction under the veneer that guarantees stability and high performance in all conditions.
  • They will internally control moisture levels to help avoid warping and splitting.
  • A lipping of 11mm on each door allows up to 5mm to be taken off during installation.
  • We do not mix different types of wood, ensuring a high quality finish.

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